Domestic Violence and the Family Courts

02/18/2020, 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM

No location provided

Sheba McCants


Moms Fight Back will join NCADV to share insights on a frequently requested and complex topic affecting survivors across racial, socioeconomic and education status: domestic violence and the family courts. This webinar will highlight the experience of a mother’s lengthy battle with family courts and child protective services to rescue her daughter. After experiencing the system fail time and time again despite evidence of abuse; hearing her daughter’s cries for help hearing after hearing; enduring year after year of the abuse not being heard; and finally becoming financially depleted, she began to realize a main problem was lack of education and training among professionals handling these cases. The presentation will explain the dynamics involved in navigating the family court system: including the effects/impacts on protective parents and the children; the myths that exist regarding family courts; and how we can make a difference and educate.

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