Speak Out Sabbath

10/13/2017 - 10/15/2017

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Gloria Nantulya

We Will Speak Out U.S.( )


With Domestic Violence Awareness Month around the corner, the time has come to take action and speak out against domestic violence during Speak Out Sabbath on Oct. 13-15.

Faith communities can play a powerful role in preventing violence and supporting survivors, but collectively we’re falling short. Two-thirds (65 percent) of pastors say they speak once a year or less about sexual and domestic violence, with 1 in 10 never addressing it at all.

This October, We Will Speak Out U.S., a coalition uniting faith communities against sexual and gender-based violence, encourages faith leaders to take a stand and speak out against domestic violence. We have assembled training resources and materials to help faith leaders take informed and appropriate action against violence — including sermon guides and litanies, basic facts about violence, links to local counseling and support allies, and more.

Will you send a letter to your faith leader and ask them to speak out during Domestic Violence Awareness Month? If the answer is yes, join us and take action now by signing on.

There is so much pain. We must do better.

Read full letter co-written by members of the WWSO U.S. coalition urging faith leaders to take action.

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