The Science of Stigma: What We Know About Stigma and What We Can Do To Address It

04/18/2018, Noon to 1:00 PM

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Kelley Hildebrand-Hall


Center for Health & Safety Culture( )


Have you ever wondered: Why do some conditions get stigmatized and others don’t? How is stigma manifested? What perpetuates stigma? What can I do to reduce the negative impact of stigma?

The Center for Health & Safety has been exploring stigma and how stigma is associated with a variety of negative social and health outcomes. Researchers of stigma commonly differentiate between three levels of stigma: public or societal stigma, personal or self-stigma, and structural stigma. Understanding stigma at these interconnected levels can help researchers and stakeholders to identify targeted anti-stigma efforts across the social ecology. In this free webinar, Dr. Kari Finley will discuss how stigma negatively influences a variety of health conditions and how we can reduce stigma in our work to improve health and safety.

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