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Using Creativity as a Tool for Transformation with Survivors

Ten years ago, I discovered a collection of poems titled ‘Holocaust’ by Charles Reznikoff’s. During this time, I was working as a consultant in London in the arena of gender-based violence. Reznikoff’s work resonated with me. I had grown up with stories of the war in my family. Also working with survivors of abuse, I had a deep awareness of the impact of trauma in the ‘ordinary’ settings of family and intimate relationships. ‘... Read More
Posted by Lynn Brewer-Muse at Monday, July 13, 2020

Working with Survivors: Equipping Survivors with Their Voice

The survivor’s narrative is often rendered invisible by the perpetration of violence, whether that violence is physical, psychological or material.   Remembering and telling the truth about terrible events is an essential part of the healing process.  After natural disasters, healing can come from the connection with others who have shared the experience.  As Judith Lewis Herman highlights, ‘the solidarity of a group provides the strongest protection against te... Read More
Posted by Lynn Brewer-Muse at Monday, June 29, 2020

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