7 NCADV Conference Quotes That Will Inspire You

NCADV's national conference on domestic violence was held last week in Chandler, Arizona. Over the course of four days, 100+ speakers, advocates, and survivors came together for 55 workshops, intensives, plenaries, and keynotes. There was a lot of discussions about critical topics, which we'll talk about later this week in another post. But until then, enjoy these seven quotes from the 2016 NCADV conference that are guaranteed to inspire you.

  1. "When women come together united in vision, we can shake things up." White House Advisor on Violence Against Women Caroline "Carrie" Bettinger-Lopez
  2. "The theme for this year's conference, Voices United, could not be more appropriate. You're joining your unique voices to the ever growing chorus of people who're standing up and saying enough. Enough to anyone who excuses sexual assault. Enough to anyone who turns a blind eye to the violence so many women, children, and yes, men are subjected to. Enough condoning toxic masculinity with euphemisms like 'boys will be boys.' Enough. Together we can, and we will, put an end to domestic violence." U.S. Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Julian Castro
  3. "We have your backs. We're going to keep fighting for you. And we're going to keep working until every survivor is safe and has opportunity to thrive." U.S. Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Julian Castro
  4. "We've got to care more about justice than about reducing crime." Norristown Police Chief Mark Talbot
  5. "We need to replace victim blaming and shaming with community outrage that domestic violence, domestic abuse, and intimate partner violence is happening." Survivor Statement from The Power of WE Workshop
  6. "If our communities are not thriving, we are not doing our work." National Resource Center on Domestic Violence Senior Director of Programs Arlene Vassell
  7. "A survivor's story is always a reality check." Yavapai College Chief of Police Jerald Monahan

What was your favorite quote from Voices United, the 2016 NCADV national conference on domestic violence?

Posted by Lynn Brewer-Muse at 5:27 PM
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