Action Alert: Congress Must Act Now to Protect Victims and Survivors, Funding for Programs that Serve Them

COVID-19 is disrupting the lives of millions of people in America. Schools and workplaces are closing, people are being laid off, and the people who are hardest hit are the people who are already experiencing financial instability. Victims and survivors of domestic and sexual violence are particularly vulnerable, because they often face significant economic hardship as a result of the violence committed against them. This vulnerability is compounded by the fact that economic instability and unemployment are associated with an increase in domestic violence, specifically. Moreover, quarantining and the associated isolation are also expected to lead to an increase in this violence. Congress must act now to protect victims and survivors and all people in America. It must also provide funding for the programs that serve survivors.

Congress is currently working on a phase three stimulus package. It is critical that this package meet the needs of victims, survivors, and everyday people. We have circulated a letter to Members of Congress, outlining steps they can take to support survivors and advocates. Your Members of Congress need to hear from you NOW, while negotiations for the phase three package are underway. 


Call your Members of Congress or contact them on social media, and tell them that the phase three stimulus must contain provisions to directly address the needs of survivors and the people who serve them. Tell them that:

  • ● The package must contain additional funding for the Family Violence Prevention and Services Act, the Sexual Assault Services Program, and grants for underseved and culturally-specific programs;
  • ● The package must address the housing needs of survivors;
  • ● The package must not undermine nondiscrimination or confidentiality protections;
  • ● The package must address the long term impact on survivors by redirecting funds from deferred and non-prosecution agreements from the General Treasury to the Crime Victims Fund; 
  • ● Temporarily waive match requirements for federal grants;
  • ● The package must support programs and advocates, including programs’ short-term financial stability as needs increase and donations decrease, including by Medicaid restrictions for Small Business Administration loans; and
  • ● All people in America, regardless of their immigration status, must have access to COVID-19 testing and services.
  • You can find your Senators and their contact information HERE and your Representative and their contact information HERE. You can find Members’ social media handles HERE.
  • Call script:
  • “Hello. My name is [your name], and I am a constituent calling from [your location and, if applicable, your program]. COVID-19 disproportionately impacts victims and survivors of domestic and sexual violence, and Congress must act to support them them and address their needs. This includes providing more funding for programs and supports to ensure survivors have access to services and housing, waiving grant match requirements without undermining nondiscrimination or confidentiality protections, removing Medicaid eligibility restrictions for Small Business Administration loans, and addressing the long term impacts of this crisis on survivors by addressing dwindling deposits into the Crime Victims Fund. Do your job to protect victims and survivors.”
  • Sample social media posts:
  • .@Handle, #COVID19 disproportionately harms survivors of DV & SA. Support them by increasing funding, waiving match, removing Medicaid restrictions to SBA loan eligibility, & addressing VOCA shortfalls! More at
  • .@Handle, support DV & SA survivors and programs by increasing resources for FVPSA/VAWA/housing, waiving match, removing Medicaid restrictions to SBA loan eligibility, and fixing the CVF! More at
Posted by Lynn Brewer-Muse at 11:43
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