NCADV Participates in Women's March on Washington

The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence is participating as an official supporter of the National Women’s March on Washington.

The Women’s March on Washington is significant in mission and message.  NCADV is proud to partner with the Women’s March and we stand in solidarity with those advocating for all women’s rights. Women’s rights are human rights and we as NCADV march to  to reiterate our unyielding commitment to holding our nation’s leaders accountable to doing everything in their power to safeguard those rights--for everyone.  NCADV will ensure that any and all who influence our culture will hear the voices of women; most especially, those subjected to any form of violence.

NCADV will participate in both the DC march and its sister march in Denver.  We encourage any and all who support our mission of demanding zero tolerance for domestic violence to participate in their local march or the DC march.  We must use this time to express our intent to stay strong for those who cannot always voice the injustices and violence they experience, because they are  women.

We also stand strong with all others who experience maltreatment and inequality in this nation.  We understand that all injustices against any American, regardless of identity, race, class, gender, and/or economics is an injustice to victims of domestic violence.  Participating in this grassroots effort is critical, now more than ever.  Without women and men standing up and marching to demand the preservation of women’s rights, we will not succeed.

NCADV is planning live coverage on their social media channels and will be using the hashtags #NCADVMarches and #WeWillBeHere.

Posted by Lynn Brewer-Muse at 10:05 AM
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