Tell Congress to Protect VAWA!

The Hill is reporting that President-elect Trump's transition team wants to eliminate VAWA Grants Action Alert.pngViolence Against Women Grants, Legal Services funding, and reduce funding for civil rights enforcement, including Title IX.

While the President-elect's budget does not have the force of law - Congress makes all funding decisions - if Congress chooses to follow his lead, the consequences could be disastrous for victims and survivors of domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault and stalking!  In the last fiscal year, programs, shelters, advocates, law enforcement and many other public and nonprofit entities received almost $453 million to combat gender-based violence.  VAWA has been wildly successful -- gender-based violence has decreased by almost two-thirds since it was first passed in 1994.  This funding is vital to the safety, security, and well-being of victims and survivors!

Call your Members of Congress and tell them, "I am a constituent, and I will not accept any appropriations bill that does not protect VAWA, Legal Services Corporation, and Title IX enforcement!  These programs are vital to the safety and welfare of our communities and that of victims and survivors."

Also take the opportunity to urge your Senators to vote against Senator Sessions' confirmation for Attorney General.  Tell them "Senator Sessions' prosecutorial record, his legislative record, his opposition to the Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act of 2013, and his failure to adequately answer questions related to enforcing sexual assault laws and protecting VAWA disqualify him from the position of the nation's top law enforcement official and victim advocate!"

Find your Senator's contact information here, and your Representative's contact information here.  Just enter your state (Senators) and zip code (Representatives) in the upper right hand corner of the page.  Your Senators' Twitter handles can be found here.

Sample Tweets:

@[Legislator's Twitter handle] #ProtectVAWA and oppose any attempts to eliminate VAWA grant programs!

@[Legislator's Twitter handle] Sen. Sessions opposed VAWA 2013 and cannot be trusted to implement and enforce it #StopSessions

Sample Facebook post:

Protect VAWA and oppose any attempts to eliminate VAWA grant programs!  Since VAWA's passage in 1994, gender-based violence has decreased by almost two-thirds!  VAWA grants are vital to the health and wellbeing of victims and survivors. [Senators only:] Also, oppose Senator Sessions' confirmation as Attorney General.  His legislative and prosecutorial history disqualify him from the position of the nation's top law enforcement officer and victim advocate!

Posted by Lynn Brewer-Muse at 9:21 PM
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