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Dear Readers,

Welcome to the NCADV  blog!  We are very excited to use this space to discuss and inform, listen and hear, and share as much as possible with our allies and readers.  We feel this blog will be a great addition to the other resources and tools that we provide to you, our constituents. As we move forward with this and our other projects , we also hope that you will participate and inform NCADV, formally and informally, as well as reflect upon your hard work and the work of your communities, partners and colleagues. I had much time to reflect on our work this summer and what it means to those we serve. It brought me to the importance of survivors having a voice and how we must continue to honor and incorporate those voices in every effort we make toward a nation with zero tolerance for domestic violence.  

As an example, we posted the question to NCADV’s Facebook page  -  “What helps (helped) you survive?” The responses were many and moving. Most importantly, most responded they absolutely were using their voices - strong, clear voices. Those that responded also expressed the many different ways in which they made it through and/or expressed that they are still making attempts to make it through the traumas and trials of domestic violence. Some survivors expressed frustration regarding our language, others expressed frustration at our systems and practices of providing support to survivors. Others who posted spoke of their healing journey and the joy they feel now. Survivors reached out to other survivors on the post, offering support, love and connection.  

These women and men reminded me that we should not forget to ask...what helps / made you survive? Those voices are so very important to the work of changing our culture to support survivors and ensure that those that hurt and abuse others are held accountable.  It reminds us - that  every opportunity we must actively listen and more than that, create opportunities to listen.

We at NCADV are making every effort to listen to those voices and incorporating their experiences and challenges in everything we do. Another way we are striving to achieve that is with the launch of this blog, NCADV Voices. You can expect posts by and for survivors of domestic violence along with their allies and advocates. Together, as one united voice, we can raise awareness, support courageous survivors, and make transformative changes to our society that will lead to a zero tolerance for domestic violence.

Be safe,

Ruth M. Glenn, Executive Director

Posted by Lynn Brewer-Muse at 21:31
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