Why All Businesses Should Incorporate Philanthropy Into Their Business Models

Whether it is planning a day to give back to the community or donating services at little-to-no cost, every business should be incorporating philanthropy into its business model. I believe charitable acts cannot only boost morale, but also leave a lasting impression on surrounding communities and potential customers. Here are a few reasons why my company, Meathead Movers, has taken pride in our philanthropic ways and believes other businesses should too.

Create a greater purpose

Most business owners know that running a company can be stressful and comes with a handful of hard times. You may not ever feel like you have enough to write a check to your favorite nonprofit. I’ve been there too. Through those hard times, I realized that people in my community were struggling much more than my brother and I were and we had a responsibility to our neighbors to give back somehow. Beyond providing a service for our consumers, we were doing things like offering free moves to victims of domestic violence fleeing abusive situations. I believe there is no more valuable way a moving company can make a social impact than to offer free moving services to victims of domestic violence. We didn’t need to write a check to make this happen, we just needed to use the trucks we had and encourage our team to volunteer time to make a difference. By providing a product or service rather than a check, you’re not only saving your own costs, but you’re likely saving the nonprofit cost as well. With the right team in place, you’ll realize that greater purpose is much easier to achieve than you think.


Encourage and motivate your employees

By creating a work environment centered around community initiatives and charitable giving, I have seen incredible success with retention and motivation for my team to succeed. By incorporating philanthropy deep into our business model, our employees have shown to be more responsible, motivated and satisfied with their jobs. It also helps bridge the gap between older investors/business owners and today's workforce. Whether you are a seasoned vice president or a brand-new employee, charitable giving can foster a sense of community internally by bringing everyone to the same playing field and giving back to something they equally support. 


Giving back solves some of our greatest challenges and you’ll be surprised about the benefits that come along with it. Every business strives to make its employees happy and proud of where they work and I’m confident that adding philanthropy to your business model is a step in the right direction. 


Aaron Steed is co-founder and CEO of Meathead Movers, and board member for NCADV. He founded Meathead Movers at 17-years-old in 1997 with his brother, Evan. As CEO, Steed has established an open-door style of management, similar to that of a coach, and is well-known for being happily available to assist employees at their jobs or in their personal lives. While running full-scale ahead to success, Steed has never let Meathead Movers forget its roots. He has maintained the same mission of assisting student-athletes achieve their goals by providing them with a flexible and educational workplace. He has also maintained the practice of assisting victims of domestic violence by providing moving services at no-cost. When the media caught wind of the services being provided in each of Meathead Movers’ service areas, Steed and his team used its platform to launch the Move To End DV campaign to continue to bring awareness to the much-needed efforts and encourage more than 225 businesses globally to get involved in similar ways. 

Posted by Lynn Brewer-Muse at 6:00 AM
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