NCADV's 18th National Conference on Domestic Violence

Voices in Action

September 16th-19th, 2019
Washington, DC Area

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Voices in Action, NCADV's upcoming 2019 conference, will focus attention on: 

  • Health and Domestic Violence
  • Behavioral Health and Domestic Violence
  • Intersections of "isms" and Domestic Violence
  • Advocacy (Advanced) Skills
  • Human Rights and Domestic Violence
  • Youth and Domestic Violence
  • Survivor Focus
  • Offenders and Domestic Violence
  • Systems and Domestic Violence
  • Men and Domestic Violence 
    • Engaging men in the movement
    • Serving male-identified survivors
  • Today's Culture and Domestic Violence
  • Activism and Domestic Violence

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Call for Speakers and Workshop Proposals

Call for Speakers and Workshop Proposals

NCADV is pleased to provide a forum to engage innovative thought, provide cutting-edge information and promote critical discussions addressing domestic violence and intersecting issues. NCADV values the voices of our community and encourages you to share your knowledge and experiences with victims and survivors, advocates, service providers and other professionals across the nation.

Presentations should be forward-thinking, innovative, engaging, and allow attendees to participate in activities that stimulate their thought-process. They should enable them to learn from you and one another, network with each other and leave with tangible tools and ideas they can incorporate into their own programs, jobs and communities.

For Voices in Action, NCADV will be focusing on presentations that provide, model or incorporate solutions and/or successful best practices to address domestic violence. Presentations should focus less on what the issues are and more on HOW the issues are being addressed successfully in communities.

If you are interested in submitting a proposal, we request that you carefully review the information found here, which will provide details regarding registration if you are selected to present at the conference as well as our presentation acceptance policy and FAQs.

Presentation proposals must be submitted by January 18th, 2018.

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