Cosmetic Support

Cosmetic Support


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The Cosmetic & Reconstructive Support Program (CRS™) of NCADV was created to connect survivors of domestic violence to medical associations and professionals. Assistance is available for those who need medical treatment or services to repair injuries inflicted by an abusive spouse or intimate partner. Currently, NCADV assists applicants with the application process to two medical programs, FACE TO FACE and Reconstructing Hope. We also refer those in need of different services to other entities, associations, and organizations.

Reconstructing Hope

Reconstructing Hope in a NYC based best-in-class non profit charity that provides FREE cosmetic and reconstructive medical care; including plastic surgery, to survivors of domestic violence. They offer free services to survivors of domestic violence who cannot afford the cosmetic surgery, dental surgery, laser tattoo removal surgery, reconstructive surgery or medical attention needed to repair the injuries they have received from a spouse or intimate partner. They volunteer our services to assist survivors in removing the physical scars of abuse.

FACE TO FACE: The National Domestic Violence Project (FACE TO FACE)

FACE-TO-FACE is a program started in 1994 by the Educational and Research Foundation for the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (AAFPRS). The FACE-TO-FACE program offers facial plastic and reconstructive surgery to domestic violence survivors to repair injuries on the face, head, and neck. 

If you are a survivor of domestic violence in need of medical treatment, you may qualify for services through CRS™. 

To apply for medical assistance, please download the application here.

To contact NCADV about the CRS™ program, please call (303) 839-1852 x 109 or email

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