WEBINAR: Vulnerable Brains in Survivors of Intimate Partner Violence: Screening, Strategies, and Solutions

11/12/2019, 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM

No location provided

Sheba McCants


Featured Presenters: 

  • Gillian Murray, Brain Injury Therapist/Clinical Case Manager, Community Re-entry Program, Drucker Brain Injury Center
  • Claire Sitarz, Patient Services Coordinator, Einstein Neurology Associates

MossRehab and Drucker Brain Injury Center will join NCADV to share insights and information regarding the incidence of brain injury in individuals who experience intimate partner violence and its impact on cognition and behavior. Survivors are often misdiagnosed with mental health diagnoses, never receive appropriate treatment for brain injury, or their ability to benefit from treatment is negatively impacted by symptoms of undiagnosed brain injury. The prevalence of brain injury in survivors of intimate partner violence will be presented. A basic overview of brain anatomy and why survivors of intimate partner violence are at risk of brain injury will be discussed. The impact of brain injury on cognition, emotions, and behavior and how this may manifest in a clinical setting will be explored. The use of a brain injury screening tool will be demonstrated. Tips and strategies for providing services to individuals who may have a brain injury will be provided. Resources for brain injury rehabilitation will also be reviewed.

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