Fact or Fiction Webinar: DV Only Impacts Low Income Families

10/18/2021, 11:00 AM to Noon

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Jessica Lawson


Peace River Center Victim Services( )


Does abuse happen in the middle class as much as it does in lower income families? Join Peace River Center Victim Services for the third part of our series on facts and myths surrounding domestic violence.

About the Presenter

Cassie Long began her journey at Peace River Center Victim Services nearly three years ago as a volunteer in the Rape Recovery Program. She had long held the desire to be a part of the victim services field and to serve those in need. It was through her time as a volunteer that her passion for assisting survivors was confirmed. In October of 2019, Cassie joined Peace River Center Victim Services as a CPI Domestic Violence Advocate. She has been in this position for two years and works specifically on domestic violence cases that currently have an open DCF/Child Welfare investigation in an effort to advocate on the survivor’s behalf and to provide supportive services to help accomplish goals and/or assist with family reunification.

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