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Strategic Oversight Manager

The Strategic Oversight Manager is responsible for guiding the execution of DC SAFE’s strategic goals and is part of the Leadership team. This position is responsible for supervision, dissemination, and quality control of the organization’s strategic communications, management of continuums of service, direction of strategic vision, and systems advocacy with local government/local community. The Strategic Oversight Manager is part of a team that includes the Executive Director, the Director of Operations, The Research and Development Director and the Financial team. The Strategic Oversight Manager performs some or all of the following duties.

Promote Programs and Strategic Vision
In conjunction with the Development Team, Executive Director, Program Coordinators, assist in the design, printing, and distribution of all branded materials for DC SAFE, including preparation of and approval of all publically releasable reports, program descriptions, statistics.
Build relationships with community stakeholders to advance the mission and strategic goals of the organization.
Serve as a primary point of contact for City Council, to include press releases, providing interviews, and coordinating appearances by leadership of DC SAFE.

Strategic Planning
Collaborate with the Board of Directors to create the organization’s multi year strategic plan which guides programming and systemic advocacy goals.
Assist Executive Director in implementing and tracking strategic plan in line with the goals of the Leadership Team and the Board.
Work to implement strategic plans public relations, or policy advocacy.
Support Program Coordinators and Financial Team in reporting on major grant and donor requirements.
As part of Leadership team: communicate strategic goals of the organization to staff, and assists Director of Operations as needed on implementation of major operational changes.
Facilitate and organize yearly staff retreat and participating in staff on boarding as needed

Systems Advocacy:
Oversee and guide creation of systemic reports: DV in DC report, Court Watch, HRDVI report, as well as community outreach and publicity for these reports.
Track local and federal laws and regulations to assess impact on programming and client populations.
Track internal policies and protocols of partner agencies to assess the impact on operations of programs and interactions with clients.
Oversea and organize Performance Measures and DATA Collection in areas of concentration.
Oversee Partnerships Specialists portfolio of work and provide guidance based researching of local and federal law for the multi-agency case review.
Seeking out National Experts and technical assistance for strategic goals as needed.
In coordination with Partnerships Specialist, research and track best practices for systems responses and interventions for domestic violence and develop white papers and strategies for how these could be implemented in DC.

Experience Required

Essential Skills Attention to Detail: Closely follows protocol and procedures achieves thoroughness and accuracy when accomplishing a task through concern for all the areas involved. Problem-solving: Identifies issues, effectively structures problems, analyzes data to produce insights, and generates wise, actionable recommendations. Project management: Oversees and structures complex projects, plans backwards, ensures quality end-products are delivered on or ahead of schedule, without crises. Communications: Produces strong written documents, edits documents effectively, engages in effective verbal communication. External Relations: Serves as an effective ambassador, builds connections, and maintains relationships with outside constituents. Creating an inspiring team environment with an open communication culture Setting clear team goals Delegating tasks and set deadlines Monitor team performance and report on metrics Listen to team members’ feedback and resolve any issues or conflicts

Further Comments

As Necessary: Input on annual budget for programs, salaries, administration, equipment and resources. Number of and employee groupings of staff reporting directly and indirectly.



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