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FAQs on Submitting a Guest Blog Post to NCADV

Who can submit a guest blog post?

Everyone is welcome to submit guest blog posts for considerations. Members do not receive priority or preferable consideration.

What topics are appropriate for a guest blog post?

We are most interested in guest posts which enlighten or inform on the survivor's perspective of domestic violence. Other topics include ways to work towards a society where we are all safe, empowered and free from domestic violence, or domestic violence as it intersects with other societal issues. 

What submission guidelines are in place?

  • Word length should be kept between 500 and 1,000 words per post. 
  • No sexually explicit or graphic content (keep it PG/PG-13)
  • Include a brief, 200 word bio and any contact information you'd like published with the post.

When will I learn if my post is accepted? When will it be published?

Due to our capacity, we cannot guarantee immediate feedback or response on guest blog post submissions. You will hear from an NCADV staffer within 2-4 weeks of submitting the post about its status. Accepted guest posts are typically published within 4 weeks of approval -- often less!

Will you edit my guest blog post for me?

Please submit the finalized, edited version of your guest blog post. On occasion, NCADV will reach out to and collaborate with blog authors on their content for clarity, grammar, and/or word choices before publication.

Where can I send my submission?

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