NCADV’s Main Office Number (Denver, CO): 303-839-1852, Email Main Office

NCADV's Main Office Email:*

NCADV's Public Policy Office: 202-714-7662, Email Public Policy


Ruth M. Glenn, President/CEO
Email Ruth - ext. 105

Gretchen Shaw, Deputy Director
Email Gretchen - ext. 107

Pat Silvola, Business Manager
Email Pat - ext. 103

Lynn Brewer-Muse, Communications Director
Email Lynn - ext. 111

Leah Goss, Director of Philanthropy 

Email Leah - ext. 112

Rachel Graber, Director of Public Policy (Washington, DC)
Email Rachel, 202-714-7662

Jacqui Gonzales, Office Manager
Email Jacqui - ext. 102

Sheba McCants, Program Director, Awareness and Education
Email Sheba - ext. 109

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