Via Social Media

Via Social Media


Social Media is a powerful tool to start a grassroots campaign. We are asking you to raise awareness in your community, but also reach out across all media channels and raise awareness about domestic violence and why you are Taking A Stand to stop it. We are inviting you to share our message and Take A Stand against domestic violence so that the voice of victims is heard loud and clear. Here are some ways you can help:

  • Download our social media toolkit and get started today
  • Turn your profile picture purple on Facebook and other social media and share with friends why you are Taking A Stand. Be sure to use our hashtag #TakeAStand!
  • Post a statement, poem or song to Youtube or to a blog and then post a link on our Facebook page
  • Join NCADV's email list to learn more about efforts to Take A Stand and how you can help get involved and spread the word.
  • Post a photograph of yourself Taking A Stand or holding one of our printable Take A Stand placards: Write-In or Ready-to-Go and post to your Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter or another social media accounts with the hashtag #TakeAStand. Tag us or email us at so we can post it to our social media outlets as well!
  • Send us your plan(s) for Take A Stand and October. This can include any activity that demonstrates how you are a taking a stand--awareness or fundraising events, vigils, donations or other actions. Email that information to by October 15th.  
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