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NCADV's monthly advocacy webinars explore emerging issues, insights, best practices, and research from leaders in the domestic violence field. Each webinar offers an opportunity to improve your professional skillset and knowledge base with detailed, hands-on video training, engagingly delivered to you without having to leave your desk. NCADV's webinars are free for NCADV Members and $50 each for Non-Members.

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Frequently Asked Questions About NCADV Webinars

NCADV's upcoming webinars are as follows:


Unrapable: Sexual Violence in Black Communities

Thursday, February 21st, 2019
1:00pm EST

Featured presenter for this webinar:

  • Nwando Ofokansi, Education Programs Coordinator, Katie Brown Educational Program

During Black History Month, Katie Brown Educational Program will join NCADV to share insights from one of the most popular workshops from NCADV’s 2018 Conference. This webinar will take into consideration the socio-ecological model of health and will assess how social determinants impact the health outcomes of specific populations of people. Specifically, intersectional racism and sexism among Black women will be thoroughly examined. The oppression and monolithic representations of Black communities, and the commodification and hypersexualization of Black women's bodies render Black woman vulnerable to victimization and shamed into silence. In order to better serve Black women and create better outcomes regarding intimate partner violence, it is imperative that these determinants be addressed.

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Beyond Shelter: What Do Domestic Violence Survivors Need?

Wednesday, March 20th, 2019
1:00pm EST

Featured presenters for this webinar:

  • Dr. Amanda Stylianou, Associate Vice President of Quality & Program Development, Safe Horizon
  • Kelly Coyne, Vice President of Domestic Violence Shelters, Safe Horizon

Safe Horizons will join NCADV to explore ways to enhance services to survivors of domestic violence utilizing emergency shelter programs. For survivors in crisis, domestic violence shelters offer safe refuge. But beyond shelter, what do domestic violence survivors need? Is there more that can be done to meet the needs of residents and their children? The webinar will highlight the following topic areas: how to (1) increase funding for shelter programs, (2) improve access to trauma treatment, (3) enhance financial literacy and job training programs, (4) reduce barriers to affordable housing, and (5) support survivors in maintaining community and family connections.


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