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NCADV's monthly advocacy webinars explore emerging issues, insights, best practices, and research from leaders in the domestic violence field. Each webinar offers an opportunity to improve your professional skillset and knowledge base with detailed, hands-on video training, engagingly delivered to you without having to leave your desk. NCADV's webinars are free for NCADV Members and $50 each for Non-Members.

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Frequently Asked Questions About NCADV Webinars

NCADV's upcoming webinars are as follows:

Successful Rules Reduction Implementation Process in Domestic Violence Shelters: From Vision to Practice 

Wednesday, July 17th
1:00pm EST

Featured Presenter: 
Dr. Shanti Joy Kulkarni

On Wednesday, July 17th at 1:00 PM EST, researcher Dr. Shanti Joy Kulkarni will join NCADV to explore the topic of successful rules reduction in domestic violence shelters. Domestic violence shelters provide safety for survivors to consider their options and heal from abuse. Unfortunately, many, survivors report negative experiences associated with shelter rule and policy enforcement. Philosophically, rule heavy environments run counter to trauma-informed service-delivery principles. Rules, such as curfew and conduct guidelines, decrease access to community social networks. Staff rule enforcement may also trigger survivors’ past experiences with abusive control and structural racism and deter safe, trusting relationships between staff and residents. This webinar will share findings from experts interviewed about best practices for successful implementation of rules reduction.

Vicarious Trauma: Organizational Responses and Practical Applications for Self-Care and Reducing Isolation 

Wednesday, August 14th
1:00pm EST

Featured Presenters: 

  • Kelly Coyne, Vice President of Domestic Violence Shelters, Safe Horizon
  • Liz Roberts, Deputy CEO, Safe Horizon
  • Kimberlina Kavern, Senior Director, Crime Victim Assistance Program, Safe Horizon

On Wednesday, August 14th at 1:00 PM EST, Safe Horizon will join NCADV to share insights on vicarious trauma. Vicarious Trauma (VT) occurs when we accumulate and carry the stories of trauma – including images, sounds, details –that we hear about from survivors, which then impact our bodies, our minds, and our worldview. Anyone who, in the course of their work that engages with or is responsible for trauma survivors, hears about/discusses stories of trauma, and learns details about client experiences will be impacted by VT throughout their career. During this webinar participants will learn about general strategies for managing Vicarious Trauma that include; self-care, reducing isolation and on the job strategies. All levels of staff in human services organizations will benefit from the practical applications for Vicarious Trauma intervention that will be discussed during this webinar.


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